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This is Who Trump Always Was

This is Who Trump Always Was

The man who dined with anti-Semites last week is the same man who ran for president in 2016. Many just didn’t want to see it.

I’m an accidental journalist, connoisseur of conspiracy theories, and recovering internet addict who fell into this work when I discovered that people were inexplicably willing to pay me to say things I wanted to say anyway. Over the past decade, I’ve covered everything from elections in America and Israel, to the translation of Harry Potter into Yiddish, to Muslims and Jews in comic books, to anti-Mormonism in American politics, to religious Jews in baseball. Before that, I studied history and Jewish studies at Harvard, where I was the movies editor of the school paper. (Professionally, it’s all been downhill from there.) These days, I live in New York with my family, and in my spare time, I compose and sing original Jewish music and create bots that troll anti-Semites on Twitter.

DeSean McClinton-Holland
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