It was an unsurprising October surprise. Trump’s handpicked Senate candidate from Georgia, the former football star Herschel Walker, was alleged by a former girlfriend to have paid for an abortion in 2009—and then purportedly asked her to get a second abortion two years later. The woman produced proof of her claims: a receipt from the abortion clinic, a get-well card signed “H.”, and a deposit slip with a copy of a signed check from Walker.

Confronted with the allegations by fellow polymath, the Fox News host Brian Kilmeade, Walker said he had “no clue” about the woman’s identity or her claims. But Walker continued to change his story, eventually acknowledging that he knew the woman and gave her money, but claiming the check was not for an abortion. It was later revealed that Walker had been ordered to pay child support (a paltry $2,500, then $3,500, per month) to said woman in 2014, and that he’d been making those payments on time.

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