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Like all of us, I am enraged and heartbroken over the brutal Russian invasion of Ukraine. As you know, in addition to being the proprietor of this corner of The Atlantic, I’m also a contributing writer for the magazine, and I have been trying to keep up with events in Europe with a series of articles there. We’ve been sending everything I write out to you—and thank you again for being subscribers to the newsletter—but I thought I would recap where we are and add links here for those of you who may have missed what I’ve been writing over the past few weeks.

Be assured that because you are newsletter subscribers, all of my pieces for The Atlantic about this war will come to your inbox. I hope that you will rely on me and the other Atlantic writers for informed discussion and analysis during what I know is an anxious time for all of us.

That should catch us up for now. I will keep updating this post on the web whenever I publish a new piece about the conflict.

Thanks again for joining me here at Peacefield.